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New Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton Speaks with Indianapolis Media

February 13th, 2013 at 3:51 PM
By Chuck Chapman

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New Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton had his first meeting with the Indianapolis media today and said that "there's no 'can't do's'" for the Colts' offense as he sees it. 

Hamilton is extremely excited about the talent level he's inheriting as he begins his first stint calling plays in the NFL. Having coached Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener at Stanford, he's obviously familiar with what they can do, but he's very impressed with the diversity of skills that he'll have at his disposal.

“I think the personnel that we have now, the guys that we have on campus, we can go out and execute the offense the way that we ultimately want to execute the offense. I think we have tough, smart offensive linemen. We have receivers that can win the one-on-one matchups. We have tight ends that are versatile. I’m a big fan of versatile tight ends and having those things in place. And we have a good runner. We have some good, young runners that can move the pile. I don’t want to overstate the obvious, the quarterback. We have a guy in place that allows us to do whatever we see fit to get us a first down and get us some touchdowns."

One piece that Hamilton is used to having in his arsenal is a fullback, a staple of the West Coast attack that will be the basis for Hamilton's offense. Hamilton said he loves what he's seen of Dwayne Allen and the versatility he could bring to that role.


“I think if you just look at the versatility of Dwayne Allen and his ability to line up in the backfield and lead block, or line up and detach and line up in the slot, and win the one-on-one matchup, that’s a tremendous weapon that you want to have in any offense. I think that if we can keep the one-trick ponies off the field, it just puts a lot more pressure on our opponents defensively to try and anticipate what it is that we want to do."
On the other hand, Hamilton said that we shouldn't expect to see any kind of "exclusive" offensive philosophy. While he's well-versed in the West Coast attack from his time at Stanford and with the 49'ers, but he also cites Norv Turner as a tremendous influence on his offensive philosophy. 
"To say that we’re West Coast offense, I think that term has become somewhat cliché in football. I’ve had the good fortune of not only working in some West Coast offensive systems, but I’ve worked with Norv Turner who’s in a sense the complete opposite. The digit system, the Coryell offense is a push the ball down the field, play action passing based offense. If you look at what we were able to do successfully at Stanford, I think there was a good mix of both."
In the grand scheme, Hamilton says, he wants the Colts to be balanced on offense and focus on creating matchup problems for their opponents.
"We want to control the clock. We want to be really good on third down and really good in the red zone. We have to play great situational football. On first and second down, there’s no can’t do’s. We’ll do a great job of mixing in some power runs, mixing in the downfield passing game, maybe even mixing in some wildcat plays, mix in some read-option, pistol-type schemes. Just really try and present once again a lot of conflicts for our opponents."
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