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NFL Pickem: Will Dynasties Win Out or Will New Blood See Super Sunday?

January 19th, 2013 at 5:41 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Forget about a possible Super Harbaugh Bowl. What's really being decided in tomorrow's championship games is "old money" versus "new." The New England Patriots and San Francisco 49'ers have appeared in 11 of the previous 46 Super Bowls, with seven combined championships. The Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons have each appeared once with the Ravens coming away with the title in their lone appearance in 2000. The Niners and the Patriots are NFL royalty. The Ravens and the Falcons are among the usual collection of also-rans that usually are home watching the game on Super Sunday. Who will prevail? As usual, Steven and I have the answer.


San Francisco at Atlanta- Steven: 49ers – "I'm not going to jump on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon along with many others after his record setting performance, but it did show how potent San Francisco's offense has become with him taking snaps for it. I like their trio of top receiving options and for Frank Gore to become a big factor in running the game away. Matt Ryan will again have a chance at the end, but we'll say an interception by Dashon Goldsen seals the deal." Chuck: Falcons: "I apoligized to Colin Kaepernick last week for doubting him. I'm not doubting him this week, but it's Matty Ice's time. The Falcons have the quarterback, the receivers, a solid running game, and a decent enough defense (read better than Green Bay's) to keep Kaepernick in check. This is the first time ever Atlanta will host a conference championship game. They'll be hoisting the George Halas trophy by day's end."
Baltimore at New England- Steven: Ravens – "Welcome to Harbaugh Bowl. I don't think Baltimore is the better team, but similar to recent New York Giants Super Bowl teams, they have it going right now in a special way. Baltimore is going to win the battle up front and create a lot more pressure than Houston was able to put on Tom Brady last week and because of it, New England won't be able to pull away. It will take another effort such as against Denver last week, but Baltimore can get it from Joe Flacco against one of the worst defenses against the pass." Chuck: Patriots- "Some people think Ray Lewis made a deal with the devil. Well, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady ARE the devil! The Ravens' secondary is one of the worst ever to play this late in the playoffs. Brady will have his way with them. Baltimore will get some shots against a Patriots secondary that's not much better, but New England is extremely opportunistic on the defensive end. Look for them to get the pick six this week and head to yet another Super Bowl appearance."
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