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Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne Named to AFC Pro Bowl Team

December 27th, 2012 at 12:00 PM
By Chuck Chapman

The Indianapolis Colts will have at least two representatives in this year's AFC/NFC Pro Bowl. It was announced last night that LB Robert Mathis and WR Reggie Wayne were named to the AFC squad which will take on the NFC all-stars in Hawaii on Jan. 27, 2013.

For Mathis this marks the fifth time he's been selected to game while Reggie Wayne will enjoy his sixth trip to the Islands. Andrew Luck was not selected, but is the first alternate at quarterback, meaning it is likely that he will go as the starters often are absent because of either injury or commitment to the next week's Super Bowl game.

Of course, this year, that could mean that no Colts go to the Pro Bowl if they could continue their improbably playoff march all the way to New Orleans. I'm sure that both Mathis and Wayne would gladly sacrifice their Hawaiian vacations to play in the Super Bowl.

The Pro Bowl game has come under increasing criticism as it now features none of the players from either Super Bowl squad and is still a game in which many players beg out of due to "injury." Last season, the play was so half-hearted that it appeared at times that players simply weren't even trying to play anything resembling football.

This season's controversy is already underway with several players like New Orleans' Drew Brees feeling they were snubbed in the selection process which combines player votes with fan balloting. A case certainly could be made for Andrew Luck's inclusion as well as that of punter, Pat McAfee. 

The most glaring error in the selection process involves former Colts center, Jeff Saturday. Saturday was benched last week by the Green Bay Packers for ineffective play, yet was voted as the NFC starter at the position for the Pro Bowl. No doubt Saturday's status as head of the player's union during the last lockout garnered him support throughout NFL locker rooms.

Other voting oddities include the selection of five players from the Kansas City Chiefs, even though they sport a 2-13 record while no members of the Jaguars, Titans, Raiders, Chargers, Rams or Eagles were selected.

In any event, Mathis, Wayne, and probably Luck at least will get a free trip to Hawaii out of the deal. Meanwhile, if you're a football fan looking for "smashmouth" football action the weekend prior to the Super Bowl, better to turn on the Lingerie Bowl. Those girls will be hitting harder.


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