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Indianapolis Colts V. Kansas City Chiefs Gamewatch

December 23rd, 2012 at 12:38 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Once again we join you from the cozy confines of the couch in beautiful Noblesvill, IN. Today, the Indianapolis Colts can lay claim to a playoff berth with a win at Arrowhead Stadium against the 2-12 Kansas City Chiefs.

The Colts know only too well not to underestimate a team playing out the string. They shocked Houston during their own nightmare campaign last season. 

AQ Shipley is going to start at center. Winston Justice is out again, meaning Jeff Linkenbach will start at right tackle. Tom Zbikowski didn't make the trip. Joe Lefeged makes another start in his place. Delone Carter is also home, meaning Mewelde Moore will be giving Vick Ballard a blow today from time to time.

We'll be here with all the action as it happens. Follow the feed here and on Twitter @Colts_101.

1:02 The Colts will have the ball first after winning the toss. Deji Karim gets it out to the 20 and here comes Andrew Luck and company.

1:04 Vick Ballard gets the carry on first down. Look for him to get a lot of work today against a porous run defense.

1:06 TY Hilton is tackled a yard shy of the first down on a wide receiver screen. Pat McAfee gets off another great directional punt and makes the Chiefs start at their own 11.

1:07 A quick skinny post nets 17 yards and gets the Chiefs out to the 30.

1:09 A false start on the Chiefs pushes them to third and 11. Darius Butler picks off Brady Quinn and takes it to the house on a third and long. 7-0 Colts.

1:14 Dwight Freeney gets pressure on Brady Quinn on first down, forcing him to bounce a throw to Jamaal Charles.

1:15 Cassius Vaughn falls down leaving Jonathan Baldwin wide open for a 57 yard gain.

1:19 Ryan Succop hits a 47 yard field goal, but the Chiefs were inside the five before a holding penalty and two incompletions stalled the drive. 7-3 Colts.

1:21 Deji Karim gets out across the 30 where the Colts will start their second drive.

1:24 Vick Ballard gets stripped on first down, but Coby Fleener is there to pick it up. Reggie Wayne gets the first down out to midfield.

1:26 Luck sacked on third and 11 by Tamba Hali. That was a coverage sack. Luck had to eat it. The Chiefs will start on their 22 after a 45 yard McAfee punt.

1:31 Peyton Hillis picks up 16 and a Chiefs' first down. 

1:32 Dexter McCluster catches a check down and gets another first down out to midfield.

1:33 Chiefs getting some mileage out of underneath routes to backs. Another run by Peyton Hillis gets the ball inside the Colts' 30.

1:35 Vontae Davis with a nice pass break up hitting Wylie right as the ball arrived. Ryan Succop misses from 43, so a nice drive by Kansas City amounts to nothing.

1:39 Tough sledding early for Vick Ballard inside. Colts need to get him on the edge. After a quarter, Colts lead 7-3.

1:42 Luck finds Donnie Avery for a big gain on third down netting 28 yards to the Chiefs' 32.

1:44 Luck hit as he throws on third down and is nearly picked off. Adam Vinatieri connects from 48 yards away and the Colts lead 10-3.

1:47 The Chiefs will start from their 20 after Wylie is stopped by good kickoff coverage.

1:51 Jamaal Charles gets the edge on first down and picks up 25 yards.

1:52 Jerry Hughes gave up the edge on the Charles run, then gets flagged for jumping offside. Charles then takes the ball onto the Colts' side of the field for a first down.

1:54 Brady Quinn overthrows Charles on a screen that would have gone the distance. Chiefs punt into the end zone. Colts ball on the 20.

1:58 Luck picks up a first down with two connections to Dwayne Allen.

2:00 The delayed handoff to Ballard out of the shotgun nets his best run of the day, 11 yards for a first down out close to midfield.

2:01 Luck finds Donnie Avery on a crossing route for another first down. Credit Bruce Arians for staying with the run. There are some creases developing.

2:04 Colts drive stalls and McAfee puts punt into the end zone. The officials are allowing an awful lot of contact downfield by the defensive backs.

2:08 Brady Quin escapes a sack and then Peyton Hillis breaks off another run to the outside. The Chief's TE Steve Maneri carries Pat Angerer for about 15 yards but it's called back for a penalty on the Chiefs.

2:10 The Colts oblige with a hands to the face penalty that takes KC out of hole and gives them an automatic first down.

2:12 Another holding penalty puts the Chiefs back in second and long as the two-minute warning hits.

2:15 Quinn gets time and finds Wylie into Colts' territory.

2:15 Jamar Newsome beats Cassius Vaughn on a fade route down to the Colts' 16 yard line.

2:16 Jamaal Charles fumbles on the next carry. Pat Angerer had the strip and Joe Lefeged the recovery.

2:18 Luck starts at his own 21 with 1:02 left and three timeouts left.

2:19 Luck connects with TY Hilton for a gain out to the 40. With that pass, Andrew Luck sets the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a season.

2:20 Luck dumps a pass off to Mewelde Moore who takes it deep into KC territory at the 23 and gets out of bounds to boot. 

2:21 Luck had Lavon Brazill wide open down the middle of the field, but his feet got tangled up and he overthrew the ball.

2:23 Luck scrambles down to the 18, but it's short of the first down. Adam Vinatieri connects from 36 yards with seven seconds left to extend the Colts lead to 13-3.

The Chiefs are dominating every statistic but the one that matters, trailing 13-3. The two turnovers have led to the Colts only touchdown and taken at least three points off the board.

2:39 The Chiefs will start with the ball to start the second half.

2:40 Great coverage on the kickoff will force the Chiefs to start from their 13.

2:41 Jamaal Charles renders that useless as he takes the first carry to the house untouched. Just like that, 13-10 Colts.

2:46 Reggie Wayne catches a 32 yard crossing route to get into Chief's territory. Wayne came off the field holding his hand/arm, but returns a play later.

2:47 Luck sails a third down pass intended for Wayne forcing a Pat McAfee punt fair caught at the 12.

2:49 Jamaal Charles cuts back and finds plenty of green in front of him to the Colts' 45.

2:50 Dexter McCluster takes a reverse for 10 more yards followed by a personal foul on Joe Lefeged for a late hit. The Chiefs have the ball on the 14 looking to take the lead.

2:52 Brady Quinn then tells Uncle Mo to get out by throwing a pick to Vontae Davis in the end zone. Threat averted.

2:54 On third and one, the Colts go with an empty backfield and throw an incompletion. McAfee with another boomer flips the field, pushing the Chiefs back to their 19.

2:58 Peyton Hillis rumbles for another Chiefs' first down. The tackling and pursuit angles are awful today.

3:01 The Chiefs get an absolute gift when Vontae Davis gets called for pass interference without touching the wide receiver. Ball at the Colts' 30.

3:02 Dwight Freeney comes up with a big sack on third down, forcing a Ryan Succop field goal which ties the game at 13-13.

3:08 Luck's first down pass to Wayne is again off target, but Wayne can't bring it in. The offense definitely out of synch right now. 

3:09 Both Luck and Avery got clobbered on a third down. The hit on Luck draws a flag, but shouldn't have. Colts get a first down gift by this over officious crew.

3:11 Brandon Flowers is then allowed to chuck Andrew Luck who was going out of bounds.

3:14 Avery drops a crossing route, forcing another McAfee punt. The Chiefs are penalized for a hold.

3:19 Jamaal Charles busts another one out near midfiled. Charles over 200 yards for the day now.

3:21 Kansas City's drive stalls forcing a Colquitt punt that is downed at the eight yard line.

3:24 Luck is dropped after a scramble five yards short of the marker, forcing another punt. This offense is really out of joint.

3:26 A horrid third quarter comes to a close with the game tied 13-13.

3:32 Cassius Vaughn took a ride on Peyton Hillis' forearm for about seven yards. Didn't get off until the Chiefs had a first down.

3:33 Dexter McCluster beats Vontae Davis for another first down. KC now at midfield.

3:34 Hillis takes the delayed handoff and takes it down to the Colts' 36.

3:37 Peyton Hillis gets a generous spot that sets up a fourth and inches at the Indy 26. Quinn goes with a quarterback sneak and the Colts hold. The Chiefs once again come up with nothing after a good drive.

3:41 Luck bounces one to Coby Fleener for his tenth straight incompletion.

3:42 Luck finds TY Hilton and the first down drought is over.

3:44 Luck finds Reggie Wayne on a throwback screen that takes the ball into Chiefs' territory. Vick Ballard then responds with a 10 yard gain to the Chiefs' 30.

3:47 Reggie Wayne stretches out and picks up another first down. An offsides penalty against KC gives the Colts a first and five at the KC 15.

3:48 Luck rolls off play action and hits Fleener for a first and goal at the Chiefs' 8.

3:50 The Colts try some trickery on second down with a reverse to TY Hilton who throws incomplete to Donnie Avery. Big third and goal upcoming from the seven.

3:53 Luck finds, who else, Reggie Wayne in the back of the end zone with a bullet.. Big score there puts the Colts up 20-13 with 4:08 remaining.

3:57 Great kick coverage as Sergio Brown and Lavon Brazill bring the return man Wylie down at the 10 yard line.

3:39 The Chiefs stay on the ground with third and eight. Hillis is sniffed out for a loss and the Chiefs will have to give the ball back to the Colts. TY Hilton fair catches at his 38.

4:02 Ballard is stuffed behind the line twice. The Chiefs stop the clock immediately with timeouts.

4:03 The draw out of the gun is good again as Vick Ballard picks up 11 yards and a first down. We're at the two-minute warning and the Chiefs have only one timeout left. Say hello to the playoffs!

Yes, Virginia, the Colts are in the playoffs. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. With Houston's loss earlier to Minnesota, next week's game will have some ramifications.

Hats off to Bruce Arians for a tremendous coaching job and to the whole squad for a season of great moments. 

Chuck Pagano should be back at the helm tomorrow. We'll have full post game coverage tomorrow.

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