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Week 13 NFL Pickem: Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

November 29th, 2012 at 1:24 PM
By Chuck Chapman

It's week 13 in the NFL and your Indianapolis Colts sit at 7-4. Yes, your awake. This isn't some figment of a weird Thanksgiving leftover-induced dream. The same team that didn't win a game until week 16 last year is in the driver's seat for a playoff berth. There's still a lot of work to do, though, starting with this week's game in Detroit. They've already met my seven-win prediction though with Tennessee and Kansas City still on the schedule. If they steal on at Detroit or in either game against Houston, they're almost guaranteed a playoff spot.

As far as our picks go, this season's nightmare for Steven is getting better. He had another good week last week, going 10-6 to bring his season total to 99-77. He's rebounded nicely from a slow start. I matched his 10-6 mark to move to 118-58. Here's what we see happening this week.


New Orleans at Atlanta- Steven: Falcons – "New Orleans can't turn its defensive woes around and Atlanta is going to want to put away the division against who has been its biggest nemesis as of late." Chuck: Falcons- "Finally a Thursday night NFL game worth watching. I don't have NFL Network though. Who's inviting me over?"
Seattle at Chicago- Steven: Bears – "Same deal as last week for Seattle, as the team will not be able to muster enough of anything to win on the road." Chuck: Bears- "1-5 on the road versus 5-1 at home. No brainer."
Houston at Tennessee- Steven: Texans – "Even at 10-1 and picking up a win in a nationally televised game, Houston still somehow is flying under the radar." Chuck: Texans- "I spent last weekend among Titans' fans. They're not happy with Jake Locker. After this weekend, they'll be even less happy."
New England at Miami- Steven: Patriots – "The Miami defense probably has as good of a shot to slow down Tom Brady and company as anyone in the league, and I still don't think they can." Chuck: Patriots- "Give credit to Brady and the offense, but the Patriots' defense and special teams are putting points on the board at a ridiculous rate. Ryan Tannehill and the young Dolphins will give them ability to score again this week."
Jacksonville at Buffalo- Steven: Bills – "Jacksonville is playing better as of late, but is still a bad team." Chuck: Bills- "This week's 'hang the Christmas light if you haven't already' game. Buffalo's defense played well enough to win last week against the Colts. They'll win this week.
Indianapolis at Detroit- Steven: Lions – "The Colts haven't been able to get a definitive performance on the road against a decent team yet and may this week, but they don't have enough experience to get a win." Chuck: Lions- "I think both teams will light up the scoreboard, but Megatron should have a field day working against the Colts' secondary."
Carolina at Kansas City- Steven: Panthers – "Just continuing to go against Kansas City, but it could go against me this week." Chuck: Panthers- "Carolina has struggled, but still shows signs of life. Kansas City has flat-lined for 2012."
Minnesota at Green Bay- Steven: Packers – "Important first meeting for tiebreakers later on this season." Chuck: Packers- "Adrian Peterson always gives the Vikings a chance, but they're starting to return to earth now that the schedule is getting tougher."
San Francisco at St. Louis- Steven: 49ers – "Just please no ties this time." Chuck: Rams- "Jim Harbaugh has made a major miscalculation switching quarterbacks. Jeff Fisher has two weeks of film on Colin Kaepernick and the Rams secondary is an underrated unit."
Arizona at New York Jets- Steven: Jets – "New York isn't in that much of disarray with only one bad loss in its last five games. They'll near .500 in the end." Chuck: Cardinals- "Look up disarray in the dictionary and you see the Jets 2012 team photo."
Tampa Bay at Denver- Steven: Broncos – "Denver is good, but I'm slowly leaning towards being overrated." Chuck: Broncos- "Besides the job Bruce Arians has done in Indianapolis, no coach has done a better job turning around a team than Greg Schiano has in Tampa. Still, the Bucs' pass defense hasn't been good. That's not a good thing when facing Peyton Manning."
Pittsburgh at Baltimore- Steven: Ravens – "A good chance this one ends with something greater than a three-point final margin." Chuck: Ravens- "Colts fans have seen this act before: aging team loses its start QB and can't muster any offense. Baltimore by a large margin."
Cincinnati at San Diego- Steven: Bengals – "If this was last week, I would still give San Diego a chance. It has become a team that just doesn't try anymore." Chuck: Bengals- "Don't look now, but Cincinnati's getting on a roll at the right time."
Cleveland at Oakland- Steven: Raiders – "What did we do to the NFL to deserve this game?" Chuck: Browns- "The Browns lack some talent, but play fairly disciplined football. The Raiders don't have either."
Philadelphia at Dallas- Steven: Cowboys – "Didn't I say for someone to just go ahead and put Dallas away a few weeks ago? Still hanging around." Chuck: Cowboys- "It's sad to see Andy Reid go out this way."
New York Giants at Washington- Steven: Redskins – "The loss of Andre Brown is going to hurt New York's bruising power run game from going 60 minutes and Washington can score enough to win." Chuck: Giants- "It's Eli's time of year."
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