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Fili Moala Lost for the Season with ACL Injury

November 26th, 2012 at 6:09 PM
By Chuck Chapman

Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians announced today that starting DT Fili Moala would miss the rest of the season with an ACL injury sustained in the third quarter of yesterday's 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills. Moala's loss comes at a time when he was just beginning to exert his strength on the defensive line.

Moala had been dinged up several times already this season, playing in only eight of the Colts' 11 games. He was, however, starting to excel in his new role as a 3-4 down lineman, something Arians had noticed.

"Obviously it’s a blow because Fili was playing extremely well for us. We’ll pick up the pieces and go on with the defensive line. We’ve had so many injuries there this year that we’ve built some depth. We’ll just continue on with the guys that we have at that position. Clifton Geathers and Lawrence Guy will fill in some roles there along with Ricardo Mathews.”

The Colts have been remarkably resilient along both lines this season. Despite starting the season with little apparent depth, players like Geathers and Guy have played some meaningful football in the absence of Moala, Cory Redding and Drake Nevis. 

Arians was quick to point out that Moala's injury would not mean the team would rush rookie Josh Chapman into action. First, Chapman is a true nose tackle while Moala played on either end. Second, Arians and the rest of the coaches want to be absolutely sure Chapman is fully ready to go before putting him on the field.


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