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NFL Week 12 Pickem: Thanksgiving Edition

November 21st, 2012 at 2:08 PM
By Chuck Chapman

This week's slate of games in the NFL reminds us that being in the NFL isn't all fame, glory and big bucks. While we're gathered around the table sharing the warmth of family and friends, six NFL teams will be working. While we're napping in our tryptophan induced comas, Over 300 men will be away from their families trying their best to inflict bodily harm on each other for our enjoyment.

This year, Houston, Washington, New England and the Jets join Detroit and Dallas on the Turkey Day schedule. Imagine those who get drafted by Dallas and Detroit. After the initial exhilaration of signing a multi-million dollar contract and realizing a life's dream, the reality of having your Thanksgiving Days accounted for for the foreseeable future sets in…that and the fact that you now work for Jerry Jones or have to live in Detroit. 
So as awful as spending time with your in-laws or having to force down some of your sister's "famous" oyster stuffing might be, just remember those brave men enduring the conditions described above. If being free from the tyranny of Jerry Jones or living someplace other than Detroit doesn't make you thankful this year, I don't know what will.
As for me, I'm thankful that I get the privilege of covering the Indianapolis Colts for all of you each week. And I'm very thankful for my partner in crime here, Steven. Each week, his picks make me look like an absolute genius. Steven did have a good week last week, going 9-5 (89-71 for the season). I had my best week of the year, hitting 12 of the 14 games (108-52). Here's what we've got going this week:
Houston at Detroit- Steven: Texans – "Happy that Houston gets a stage to themselves to show off how great of a team they have. Oh, and Detroit gets its yearly Thanksgiving loss." Chuck: Lions- "Houston played almost an extra full quarter of football last week against Jacksonville. Add in a short week and being on the road at Thanksgiving and give the Lions the upset win."
Washington at Dallas- Steven: Cowboys – "Chuck, I'm sure, is already sighing a breath of relief I didn't restart my Thanksgiving theme picks this year." Chuck: Cowboys: "Actually, I kind of enjoyed Steven's turkey jokes, but then again I have a weird sense of humor. The 'Boys are still scrapping and Tony Romo is nearly unbeatable in November. Now get back to me next month."
New England at New York Jets- Steven: Patriots – "But I will say that I have to at least get one in: Thanksgiving does feel right with a New England in a game and should be added as the permanent third host team of the day." Chuck: Patriots- "Gronkowski is out and Julian Edelman and the Patriots corners are probably still fighting fatigue from all those long touchdowns against the Colts. Still, New England has plenty enough firepower to beat the inept New York Jets."
Buffalo at Indianapolis- Steven: Colts – "Last week? Yeah, let's just forget about that." Chuck: Colts- "After facing Tom Brady, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a welcome respite for the Colts beleaguered secondary. Like all the Colts home games, this one will go down to the wire, but look for the Colts to move forward in their chase for the playoffs."
Seattle at Miami- Steven: Dolphins – "The Miami offense is bad, and Seattle can't win unless it's at home, which they're not. Sounds like good entertainment." Chuck: Dolphins- "I'm repeating my mantra from last week: in a battle of schizophrenic teams, go with the home team. Plus any team that loses at home to the Jets has lost my confidence."
Atlanta at Tampa Bay- Steven: Buccaneers – "Atlanta still cannot run the ball, and Doug Martin is inching closer to serious Rookie of the Year discussion after becoming the third player to 1000 rushing yards this season." Chuck: Buccaneers- "I'd like to thank Matt Ryan for his five interceptions last week which sent my fantasy team to a defeat against a team that started one guy on a bye and two others who were inactive. The Tampa Bay pass defense is not good, but they're getting something going down there under Greg Schiano."
Oakland at Cincinnati- Steven: Bengals – "No, I don't think Cincinnati fans are looking forward to the return of Carson Palmer at all. Yes, the previous sentence contained sarcasm." Chuck: Bengals- "Since the game didn't sell out, I'm guessing many Bengal fans really don't care that Palmer is back in town. Bengals defensive linemen and cornerbacks are excited about seeing him again though."
Pittsburgh at Cleveland- Steven: Browns – "Warning: Being a quarterback in the state of Pennsylvania is a bad thing right now. Cleveland still only gets to 10 points, but wins." Chuck: Browns- "Cleveland beat Tony Romo like a pinata last week. The Steelers' o-line still struggles to pass protect. Look for AARP to petition Roger Goodell for a case of elder abuse after the Browns get finished with Charlie Batch."
Tennessee at Jacksonville- Steven: Titans – "Not enamored by Chad Henne's play? Neither am I. And he's from Michigan." Chuck: Titans- "Tom Brady's from that state up north too, but that's where the comparisons end. The Titans are still trying to catch the Colts for the last wild card spot. Jacksonville's motivation is what, exactly?"
Denver at Kansas City- Steven: Broncos – "Just Denver." Chuck: Broncos- "Fans of the Eagles, Browns and Jags should watch this game. After seeing KC play, they'll be thankful for their teams."
Minnesota at Chicago- Steven: Vikings – "Chicago looks human all of a sudden, and Adrian Peterson does not." Chuck: Bears- "AP will get his, but so will the Chicago defense. I don't see Christian Ponder pulling a Colin Kaepernick."
Baltimore at San Diego- Steven: Ravens – "I'm still not on the Baltimore bandwagon though, as their record has a lot of luck in it." Chuck: Ravens- "Baltimore won in Pittsburgh, but got physically beat up. Good thing they're playing a Norv Turner coached team this week."
San Francisco at New Orleans- Steven: Saints – "Finally, San Francisco is going on the road, and I don't think they'll respond well initially." Chuck: Saints- "If Jim Harbaugh sticks with Kaepernick over Alex Smith, his genius has to be in question. This week against the red-hot Saints, it doesn't make a difference though."
St. Louis at Arizona- Steven: Cardinals – "St. Louis can't win on the road. Wouldn't be surprised if this game stayed in single digits." Chuck: Cardinals- "Both teams have underrated defenses. Sam Bradford isn't consistent enough yet, however."
Green Bay at New York Giants- Steven: Giants – "When New York needs a win, no team has been better at finding a way to get one." Chuck: Giants- "The Packers continue to win after a rough start, but they've had to eke out a couple of wins. This is the Giants' time of year."
Carolina at Philadelphia- Steven: Panthers – "Monday Night Football sounds like a good time to watch the Chelsea-Manchester City game I'll have DVR'ed over the weekend." Chuck: Panthers- "I'm with Steven. I might be driven to actually watch soccer over this. Although Jon Gruden is usually entertaining during these kinds of games and there's always the possibility of the Philly fans rioting. Seeing as how either option could have a riot, I'll stick with the American football."
From all of us at Colts 101 and the entire Sports Media 101 network, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
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