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NFL Week Five Pickem: the Separation Begins

October 4th, 2012 at 9:10 AM
By Chuck Chapman


It's about this time in every NFL season that the "men" and the "boys" start getting separated. After four weeks, we've got only three undefeated teams left (Atlanta, Arizona and Texas) and two of those needed field goals at the gun to stay that way last week despite playing at home. Ten of the NFL's 32 teams stand even at 2-2, one third of the league. This is the points when we find out whether teams like the New York Jets are the team that manhandled Buffalo in week one or the team that couldn't score against the Niners last week.
As for our picks, Steven needed a great week and he got one, going 12-3 last week, raising his season mark above the .500 mark at 32-31. I went 10-5 to move to 39-24 on the season. Was Steven's performance last week the real deal, or was it the week before when he went 4-12? This week should start telling us more.
Arizona at St. Louis- Steven: Rams – "Short week after a semi-letdown against Miami ends Arizona's early season run." Chuck: Rams- "Both teams have underrated defenses. The Rams win a close one for the reasons Steven mentioned above."
Miami at Cincinnati- Steven: Bengals – Cincinnati keeps trying to show week one was early jitters. Chuck: Bengals- "Miami is better than most people think, but so is Cincinnati. Andy Dalton is the real deal and he and AJ Green will shred a Dolphins secondary that is struggling right now."
Green Bay at Indianapolis- Steven: Packers – "The ball and the points aren't flying around this year, but Green Bay has too aggressive of a defense for the Colts to handle." Chuck: Packers- "If the Colts' secondary was healthy right now, I might lean toward the upset. I think Green Bay's firepower ultimately allows them to prevail in a high-scoring affair."
Baltimore at Kansas City- Steven: Ravens – "Many will actually put Jamaal Charles in their fantasy lineups after two great weeks, and will be reminded why he was on their bench in the first place." Chuck: Ravens- "Kansas City's defense has woefully underperformed. Hosting Joe Flacco and Ray Rice won't help that."
Cleveland at New York Giants- Steven: Giants – "Cleveland Loss Tour 2012 continues." Chuck: Giants- "The Giants are ticked after a deflating loss on Sunday night. As if the Browns needed something else to overcome."
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh- Steven: Eagles – "Pittsburgh's defense has already given up over 30 points twice this year, showing it is definitely not the same group anymore." Chuck: Steelers- "Pittsburgh gets Rashard Mendenhall, James Harrison and Troy Polamalu back after the bye week. Their defense isn't as good as it once was, but it's still opportunistic and Philly is turnover prone."
Atlanta at Washington- Steven: Redskins – "Atlanta has yet to show its stoutness against the run on defense, and no one has moved the ball on the ground like the Redskins so far." Chuck: Falcons- "The Redskins pass defense is papier mache. Not a good thing with Matt Ryan and his stable of receivers coming to town."
Seattle at Carolina- Steven: Panthers – "Giving up too many field goals has hurt Carolina's defense, but Seattle's offense will have trouble getting into that part of the field." Chuck: Panthers- "Seattle is a good young team, but their youth hurts them on the road and will do so in Charlotte."
Chicago at Jacksonville- Steven: Bears – "Jacksonville will be held under 150 yards of offense for the second time this year." Chuck: Bears- "What Steven said. This will be a total mismatch."
Tennessee at Minnesota- Steven: Vikings – "Tennessee's abominable pass defense could get lit up by Percy Harvin downfield." Chuck: Vikings- "Minnesota is believing in itself. Tennessee isn't."
Denver at New England- Steven: Patriots – "Just another familiar Tom Brady and Peyton Manning scene in Foxboro." Chuck: Patriots- "Sadly, Colts fans know too well what happens most of the time Brady and Manning hook up."
Buffalo at San Francisco: Steven: 49ers – "Buffalo's defense improves in only giving up 31 points in the second half this time." Chuck: Niners- "This Niners team is as consistent as there is in the NFL. Buffalo can't even put two good halves together."
San Diego at New Orleans- Steven: Chargers – "Phillip Rivers breaks out finally this year in a shootout." Chuck: Saints- "Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas' record and the Saints finally close the deal on a victory."
Houston at New York Jets- Steven: Texans – "If the Jets couldn't score on San Francisco, you may want to cover your eyes for this one." Chuck: Texans- "This game should be entertaining in the same way that watching celebrities publicly melt down is entertaining. The National Enquirer should cover this game, not ESPN.
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