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NFL Week Four Pickem: Bye Bye Replacements

September 27th, 2012 at 2:58 PM
By Chuck Chapman

I couldn't think of a witty headline for this week's picks, so I channeled my inner Jake Query and paid tribute to the first bye week of this NFL season and the return of the regular NFL officials. I know I'm excited to have them back as the replacement debacle on Monday night caused me my first ever losing week picking games. I'd have finished 8-8 had not the Packers been robbed, but instead I'm staring 7-9 (29-19 on the year) in the face. I take solace, however, that Steven's week was even worse. He had a truly miserable 4-12 showing and is now 20-28 on the year. I told you guys not to bet with our picks!

'Defense ... Holding ... First Down' photo (c) 2012, Jeffrey Beall - license:

Cleveland at Baltimore- Steven: Ravens – "Finally, we will get to watch a real performance we don't have to complain about. And by that, I mean the Ravens carving up the Browns, what else?" Chuck: Ravens- "This would be a game whose outcome even the replacement refs couldn't alter."
San Diego at Kansas City- Steven: Chiefs – "Oops on the Chargers last week. This one is closer for them, but the Chiefs get it done late." Chuck: Chiefs- "Norv Turner begins the slide toward unemployment."
Seattle at St. Louis- Steven: Rams - "Insert no more replacement refs to save Seattle this time joke here." Chuck: Rams- "Seattle relies heavily on their home crowd to pump them up. With a short week and going on the road, I'm saying the Rams win a close one."
Carolina at Atlanta- Steven: Falcons – "Atlanta could be on the verge of putting away the NFC South early with a big win here." Chuck: Falcons- "Cam Newton is flashy, but Matty Ice is what you want in a quarterback: stone-cold consistency."
Minnesota at Detroit- Steven: Lions - "The NFC North on the other hand is a jumbled mess right now. The home team is 11-1 in games involving this divisions teams, so I'll stick with that." Chuck: Lions- "I'm reluctantly picking the Lions at home, but if Matthew Stafford doesn't go, the Vikes could steal a division win on the road."
New England at Buffalo- Steven: Patriots – "Ignore the record. New England is very good and C. J. Spiller is not 100 percent for the Bills." Chuck: Patriots- "Bill Belichick is angry. It's hard to tell the difference on his face, but the scoreboard will be a good indicator."
Tennessee at Houston- Steven: Texans – "Tennessee finally broke out last week, but the Texans remain a well oiled machine." Chuck: Texans- "The Texans are indeed the closest thing to automatic in the NFL's parity-driven league."
Cincinnati at Jacksonville- Steven: Bengals – "Cincinnati should be able to exploit what the Colts were unable to against a weak defense. Chuck: Bengals- "The Jags get to see what happens when they play a team that can convert third and short on the ground. It looks a lot like Week 2 against the Texans."
Miami at Arizona- Steven: Cardinals – "The only way Arizona looks like they'll be derailed is my selection of them." Chuck: Cardinals- "Arizona should be able to survive Steven's kiss of death."
Oakland at Denver- Steven: Broncos – "Peyton Manning and company should get it together this week. The Raiders defense is still up in the air." Chuck: Broncos: "Somehow the Raiders pulled one out at home last week. Their pass defense will be shredded again this week and the Broncos have defensive players who aren't members of AARP."
Washington at Tampa Bay- Steven: Redskins – "Tampa Bay hasn't shown enough this season to take advantage of a Redskins defense that has given up points to everyone." Chuck: Buccaneers- "The Redskins pass defense is horrid. Josh Freeman is due for a big game and he gets one here."
Saints at Packers- Steven" Packers – "Green Bay may pat all the regular officials on the back and give them some gift baskets as a welcome back." Chuck: Packers- "As if being 0-3 wasn't bad enough, trying to get their first win against a pissed-off Packers' team at Lambeau? Forget it.
New York Giants at Philadelphia- Steven: Eagles – "No touchdowns from Philadelphia in a game? Can't happen two weeks in a row." Chuck: Giants- "I'm sensing Andy Reid has lost this bunch. Virtually no on-field leadership."
Chicago at Dallas- Steven: Cowboys -"I'm back on the bandwagon strictly because Dallas showed it can win without Tony Romo performing well." Chuck: Cowboys- "Both teams have mercurial quarterbacks. Romo doesn't pout when he's behind, however."


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