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NFL Week Three Pickem: Reality Begins to Set In

September 20th, 2012 at 11:31 AM
By Chuck Chapman

The shine of the new season is beginning to wear off for some teams and they're realizing the brutal truth: they're just not really that good. Week three may be that way for several 0-2 NFL teams, especially for the Indianapolis Colts' opponent this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Starting off the season 0-3 doesn't portend good things for the remaining 13 games.

So it is also for our dear colleague, Steven. After an encouraging 10-6 week one, Steven reverted to last year's form with his picks, going 6-10. To be fair, he nearly got a couple of close ones that were lost in the closing minutes, but what makes him have confidence in Tony Romo remains a mystery. I upped the ante, going 12-4 on my picks, so unless Steven wants to spend another season playing catchup, he'd better hit some this week.


New York Giants at Carolina- Steven: Panthers – "The 'yikes factor' for myself goes up when I believe that the Panthers currently have a better defense than the Giants." Chuck: Giants- "This is a pivotal game that could shape the season for both teams. 2-1 is different than 1-2. I'm going with Eli and the Manning magic when it counts."
St. Louis at Chicago- Steven: Bears – "Every Bears win now involves "good" Jay Cutler apparently. The Rams no longer look like a pushover though." Chuck: Bears- "The Bears home-field advantage will push them through in a close one."
Buffalo at Cleveland- Steven: Browns – "C.J. Spiller is a dynamic runner for the Bills, but Trent Richardson has another standout performance in this one." Chuck: Browns- "Both teams played better last week, but then again they couldn't play much worse. The Bills got a win, which means that Cleveland is due. They'll get a win for their home fans, just enought to keep them hopeful only to have those hopes dashed later on. It's how they roll in Cleveland."
Tampa Bay at Dallas- Steven: Buccaneers – "No one in the league will be able to force the Cowboys to pass like the Buccaneers rush defense could." Chuck: Bucs- "Ah, Steven is learning. A home loss to the Bucs just might be enough to ignite the dumpster fire waiting to happen in the Big D."
Jacksonville at Indianapolis- Steven: Colts - "Maurice Jones Drew loves playing the Colts, but he has no one to turn to as back up to take the Colts defensive focus off him." Chuck: Colts- "2-1 heading into the bye week? Whodathunkit (besides me, that is).
New York Jets at Miami- Steven: Jets – "Dolphins have controlled this series as of late, but the Jets could be the newest Jekyll and Hyde squad." Chuck: Jets- "Remember the great duels between Marino and O'Brien? This will look nothing like that."
San Francisco at Minnesota- Steven: 49ers - "Hard to pick against a team when it's difficult to pick out a weakness." Chuck: Niners- "This one could get ugly. Minnesota fans who have endured two nail biters will be able to rest their cuticles this week."
Kansas City at New Orleans- Steven: Chiefs – "I'm slightly convinced the Saints without a true coach really are effected." Chuck: Saints- "The Saints are missing their coach, but the Chiefs still have Romeo Crennel. Advantage Saints."
Detroit at Tennessee- Steven: Lions – "Both teams have underachieved in their first two games, but the Titans have looked really bad." Chuck: Lions- "Speaking of dumpster fires already ignited, I present the Tennessee Titans."
Cincinnati at Washington- Steven: Redskins – "The Bengals have given up a lot of points somehow this year and no one has scored more the first two weeks than the Redskins." Chuck: Bengals- "Washington losing Orakpo and Carriker will give Andy Dalton time to pick apart that defense. Bet the over."
Philadelphia at Arizona- Steven: Eagles - "Power to Kevin Kolb last week. Doesn't hold over though against the Eagles." Chuck: Eagles- "One of these two teams will stop defying the football gods and lose a game they're supposed to lose. Arizona has more experience there."
Atlanta at San Diego- Steven: Chargers – "Neither of the Chargers wins have been anything to get excited about, but I think we get a better sense of how good they will be against the Falcons." Chuck: Falcons- "Seriously, Steven? I think I may have to start drug-testing Colts 101 writers."
Houston at Denver- Steven: Texans – "My new "clear" favorite in the AFC. I think this one holds as they are mighty impressive to watch on defense." Chuck: Texans- "Even Steven's making them a favorite won't derail the Texans this week. They're that good."
Pittsburgh at Oakland- Steven: Steelers - "The Raiders may as well start looking at another USC quarterback to replace its current one." Chuck: Steelers- "The franchise who patented building dumpster fires is still going strong."
New England at Baltimore- Steven: Patriots – "Luster lost from a pair of losses last week. Way too much doom and gloom going on over the Patriots loss, as I think they win even though the Ravens are the better team." Chuck: Ravens- "The Ravens were robbed in Philly last week. That means Tom Brady should duck and cover."
Green Bay at Seattle- Steven: Packers – "Don't think the Seahawks can play ball control long enough to hold off Aaron Rodger's crew, but they have pulled it off in the past." Chuck: Packers- "I like the young 'Hawks, but Aaron Rodgers is no Tony Romo."
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