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With Andrew Luck Signed, Indianapolis Colts Officially Ready for “New Era”

July 20th, 2012 at 10:56 AM
By Chuck Chapman

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As expected, the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck agreed to terms yesterday on a four year, $22.1 million deal. With all the haggling over guaranteed money  over, the erstwhile successor to Peyton Manning's legacy is ready to get to work leading the Colts into their "new era."

All four years of the deal are guaranteed, meaning that if Blue somehow runs over Luck with his mini-bike during pregame activities, Luck will still get paid. Additionally, Luck will receive a $14.5 million signing bonus. The club holds an option to extend the contract for a fifth year as well.

The deal is nearly identical to that received by last year's top pick, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. With the new collective bargaining agreement setting slotted limits on rookie contracts, this would appear to be the wave of the future, eliminating the disruptive holdouts of the past.

It also helps teams avoid getting stuck with extravagantly bad deals given to rookies who haven't yet proved themselves in the NFL. JaMarcus Russell, the 2007 number one overall pick of the Oakland Raiders, was given a six year deal totaling $61 million with $32 million in guaranteed money. For all that, the Raiders got 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions during three years of work before finally cutting Russell in 2009.

The Colts still have two draft picks unsigned, Luck's Stanford teammate, tight end Coby Fleener, and third round pick, Dwayne Allen, also a tight end out of Clemson. Colts general counsel, Dan Emerson, told reporters yesterday that he's confident that both will be signed before the mandatory rookie camp begins next week.

Training camp starts at Anderson University on July 29.

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